Abbas MOAYERI is a painter, miniaturist and sculptor, born in Iran.

He studied Persian miniature under the instruction and supervision of several art masters such as Hossein BEHZAD, the renowned Persian miniaturist of the 20th century, Mohammad Ali ZAVIEH, and Ismail ASHTIANI in the field of painting.

MOAYERI received his baccalaureate in « Traditional Arts » in 1960, from the School of Fine Arts in Teheran, and his bachelor's degree in « Sculpture » in 1967, from the  Faculty of Decorative Arts in Tehran; further more, he obtained his Master's degree in « Sculpture » with honors in 1968. 

As the successor of Hossein BEHZAD, he taught Persian miniature from 1967 to 1970 at the « School of Fine Arts» in Teheran.


Since 1970, Abbas MOAYERI has been living in Paris, pursuing the same field and determined to preserve the basic and artistic aspects of this traditional Iranian Art. In 1984 he created courses of  Persian miniature at « A.D.A.C. » ( Association for the Development of Cultural Activities ) in Paris, in order to introduce this noble art of his native land.

He has been teaching at « A.D.A.C. » and « Paris Ateliers » ( successor of A.D.A.C. ) for 30 years, conveying his valuable experience to admirers of this particular painting style.

He also taught the Persian miniature at the Cultural Center « A.M.O.R.C. » in Paris, from 1989 to 1997.

His frequent lectures on the techniques and history of Persian miniature, show his attachment for perpetuating this tradition. 


Abbas MOAYERI's works on pictorial research, let him experiment an original path in creation, nourished by centuries of Persian Art  which translated in to the western technique,  allows the spectators to enter the transfigured symbolic system of a wonderful world of legend, poetry and wisdom.      

His career has been marked by several distinctions, honors and awards through his active participation in national and international exhibitions.


Awards and Distinctions

2009            Honorary Diploma, of the « Encyclopedia Iranica ». 

2001            First award at the « 31ème Salon des Artistes de Suresnes ».  Suresnes / France.

2000            Gold Medal, the « French Merit and Dedication ».  France.

2000            Honorary Diploma, at the « 40ème Salon de Printemps de Fontenay-Le-Fleury ». Fontenay-Le-Fleury / France.

1993            The « General Council Medal », at the « Salon de la Société des Beaux- Arts de Rueil-Malmaison ».  Rueil-Malmaison / France.

1992            First award of Imagination, at the « 8ème Salon d’Eté ».  Victor Duhamel Museum.  Mantes-la-Jolie / France.

1986            First award of Imagination, at the « 10èmeConcours International 1986 ».  Deauville / France.

1985            Silver Medal with Rosette, the « Nationale Federation of French Culture ».  France.

1985            Vermeil Medal, from the « European Academy of Arts - France », at the « Salon de Printemps 85 ».  Saint-Germain-En-Laye / France.

1985            Silver Medal, of the « Academic Society Arts - Sciences - Letters », Crowned by the « French Academy ».  France.

1984            Silver Medal Palette, the « International Federation of the Commerce, the Industry and the Economy »  France.

1984            Vermeil Medal, from the « European Academy of Arts - France », at the « Salon de Printemps 84 ».  Saint-Germain- En-Laye / France.

1984            Silver Medal, the « French Merit and Dedication ». France.   

1984            Bronze Medal, at the « Art Expo New York ».  NewYork  / U.S.A.

1980            Silver Medal, at the « 7èmeGran Premio Internazionale - 7 Sette Colli di Roma ».  Rome / Italie.

1977            Medal of the « General Council of Indre », at the « 10ème Salon d’Automne ».  Issoudun / France.

1973            Silver Medal, at the « 4ème Grand Prix International du Château des Riquier ».  Eze / France.